Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can... as long as ever you can.
— John Wesly

Join us in spreading the light on one of our upcoming mission trips. 
The kids are wildly cute; the beds are crazy uncomfortable; the views are plain insane, and the good, it lasts forever!  


Graduation Day!

Join us as we celebrate the end of the school year.  Since close to 60% of children nationwide drop out of school prior to finishing 6th grade, graduating from sixth grade is a significant accomplishment.  We celebrate with not only the school but with the community!

  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Meeting with the graduate's families; thanking them for their devotion.
  • Community Celebration
  • End of Year Celebration - arts and sports days for the rest of the students.



Welcome BAck!

Each year as the school year begins, we take a team down the week prior to paint, provide light maintenance, bring down school supplies, make sure desks and chairs are ready for students and teachers, get the kitchen supplies ready, etc.  We will have a back to school day to meet the students and hand out supplies (some students will not attend if they do not believe that they can afford the school supplies).


Need Specific trips

Check out our upcoming trips as we often travel down to build classrooms, offer health clinics, provide enrichment weeks (arts, sports, community outreach...).  If you have a talent, and we know you do, we have a need... really, we have a lot of needs.  I could tell you all of their names... the details of their hopes... but in the end, most of the time it is that someone will care enough to stop, talk to them, play with them.  If you come on more than one trip, you will often be asked, "Do you remember my name?"  What they are asking is, "Do you know me?"  "Did you come back to see me?"  "Do you really care?"  Say yes.